• The Name Of Prosperity

    Ayan Group Pakistan

  • The Name Of Prosperity

    Ayan Group Pakistan

  • The Name Of Prosperity

    Ayan Group Pakistan

  • The Name Of Prosperity

    Ayan Group Pakistan


    Story of Ayan Group Pakistan revolves around relentless efforts, sheer dedication and a focused pursuit to making dreams come true. It is an entrepreneurial case study that how self-believe, faith and teamwork can do wonders. It is a living example of leadership manifestation through turmoil…

    Our Vision

    To deliver a customer experience second to none.

    Our Mission

    To be the preferred choice for all our stakeholders

    Our Values

    Embedded in our corporate DNA to deliver excellence


    Ayan Group now is the name of group of companies working in different sectors under one umbrella. We are having our presence in the market with these companies.


    Ayan Group (AG) is committed to provide healthy and safe workplace for all employees and to protect the environment in accordance with applicable laws / HSEQ Policy. AG commitment is based on the conviction that accidents are preventable and in order to achieve the objective, HSE risks are identified and mitigated and/or reduced to as low level as is reasonably practicable.

    Ayan Group is accredited under the umbrella of Integrated Management System (IMS) for Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety System.

    Ayan Group is contributing immensely in the realm of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) including HSE awareness and supply of Potable Water to the surrounding community.

    As per Ayan Group Pakistan policy, continuous increasing plantation in the surrounding areas including housing colonies and more is being implemented to have positive impact on the environment.

    Ayan Group has always proactive approach towards creating safe working environments and are responsible for promoting continued Health, Safety education and training for all employees.



    We undertake ethical responsibility for sustainable, economic, environment, and fair business transactions. Our employees are educated and trained to take responsibility in line with their function, authority and qualifications


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